About the museum

Stavanger School Museum

Stavanger School Museum is located in Hillevåg, in the old Kvaleberg School building. The museum specializes in the school history in Rogaland, and is open by appointment for groups of visitors. For the schools we offer lessons with role playing and dressing up in old classrooms.

The museum was established in 1925 by the name Sør-og Vestlandske skole museum, and specializes in the school history in Rogaland. The museum documents and tells the story about the development of the elementary school from the 18th century up until today. This is one of  the oldest school museums in Norway that is still open for the public. 

The school museum became a part of Stavanger Museum in 2008. 


The museum has operated from various premises in Stavanger. Its first 30 years were at St. Svithun School. For a few years it lacked a locale, but in 1957 it reopened in a basement room at the fire station. In 1973 it moved to a room in a side building owned by the Archaeological Museum (the former dairy ‘Frue Meieri’), but once again in 1985 had to find new premises. It then moved to Kvaleberg School, to ‘the 1920-building’, where it remains today.